Scene Makers Team

Our skilled team of professionals are the backbone of Scene Makers, our team is youth with a multi-cultural and diverse mix of nationalities, to produce international content, for audience with different socio-demographic profiles.

All aspects of our production process (from set design to editorial line and post production style) takes into account the audience preferences, needs and cultural backgrounds to create appealing content for each segment of audience, our team's ideas help in shaping the direction of our business as it continues to develop to get every job done right.


Moh Hassouna

Director | Filmmaker

There is no magic formula to be enjoying at work, Make sure to do what you love to enjoy your time


ENG Ahmad Alsharif

Broadcast Engineering 

Combining strengths and team skill is the easiest way to succeed.

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Bader Alnaimi


Im with scene makers team not only to practicing an interesting profession

 but also expressing my talent.

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Islam Konoz

Tv Cameraman 

Working in the arts industry you must combine by technical and craft aspects together.

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Majed Kawat

Technical operator

There is no one is good at everything.
You have to use both your strengths and weaknesses in order to make target.


Dana Dalgamoni

Senior Producer

To be creative in the your work you have to follow your passion & don’t just do what you are required to do.


Jobran Rjob

Legal advisor

A good work team does not need laws to tell them how to act responsibly, but needs legal advice to ensure the missions will done under legal.

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