Whether it's a logo formation, Presentation, Big-screen event, informative video, product, brand or service, Scene Makers Motion Departmrnt creates a full motion content that helps you engage your audience and deliver your message.

This video animation content lends itself well to social media. Motion graphic videos are short and get straight to the point. Add that to the fact that they are visually appealing and you have a recipe for success on social media platforms, Share ability also taps into another prominent aspect of video marketing – mobile. According to the IAB Video Advertising Spending Report, a third of digital marketing budgets are allocated to mobile advertising,This is no surprise given that the majority of people interact with their social media platforms via their mobile devices, Tailoring motion graphics to dovetail with mobile devices is a great way to move your marketing strategy ahead, Check out this piece of video marketing content and note the length. It packs all the important information in just a minute and a few seconds. This makes it easy for people to understand and share it with families, friends and colleagues who they feel are interested in the product or service in the video.

Motion graphics are easily shareable

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Motion graphics create and increase brand awareness

In a saturated market, having a strong brand identity increases the slice of market share in your business’ favor. If potential customers are aware of your brand, they are more likely to proceed through to the last stage of the sales funnel, With conventional video production, you can craft an identity. However, the overhead attached to producing live-action content that fully incorporates your brand’s voice and ethos can run up to where it’s not profitable anymore, When it comes to motion graphics, however, you can deftly include several hints that point to your brand. The audience can easily pick up these identifiers in any subsequent video animation productions that you green light, Every time someone comes across your video, they will instantly recognize the brand and pay more attention to it, In this animated video production for ( ticket finder ) you can clearly see they subtly allude to their brand colors. In each scene, there’s company theme.

Ticket Finder StoryBoard-1.jpeg
Ticket Finder StoryBoard-2.jpeg
Ticket Finder StoryBoard-3.jpeg